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Whitby, ON


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Whitby's historical roots are deeply intertwined with agriculture and the bountiful natural resources surrounding its picturesque harbor. Over time, the town has evolved into a modern hub, epitomized by its contemporary city hall, a creation of renowned Canadian architect Raymond Moriyama, known for his work on the Toronto Reference Library. The construction of Whitby’s City Hall marked a significant milestone in its journey into the modern age. Today, it stands as a testament to the town's progression, conveniently located near the upcoming Manors on Mayfield Towns, a pre-construction townhome development.

Life on the eastern side of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) unfolds at a more leisurely pace, preserving a charming small-town ambiance. For residents of Manors on Mayfield Towns, commuting to downtown Toronto is achievable within an hour via GO Transit or by car under favorable conditions. During traffic congestion, opting for the train is advisable. The development's strategic location ensures easy access to both Highway 401 and Highway 407, facilitating seamless travel not just within the GTA but also extending across Ontario in both eastern and western directions. Nature enthusiasts among the residents will delight in the proximity of the Heber Down Conservation Area, situated to the north of Whitby, offering an idyllic setting for family day trips. Additionally, venturing north on Highway 12 opens doors to explore charming destinations like Port Dover, Orillia, and Toronto's enchanting cottage country.

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Whitby, ON

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